Engagement Within Organizations Yields Greater Contributions

Josselyne Saccio is the founder of United Global Shift , which is committed to shifting what is possible for humanity by shifting from fear, survival and scarcity to possibility, partnership and peace.  A native of New York City and married mother of three children, Josselyne works as a personal manager in the entertainment industry and serves as a volunteer leader in her community and in her children's school.

Throughout her philanthropic career, Josselyne has raised close to $15 million dollars for various non-profits.   She serves on the board of directors for Musicians for World Harmony and is the founder of Co-Op Cares New York, an organization dedicated to making it easy for New Yorkers to make a difference in their communities.  

United Global Shift's MISSION

We are causing a united global shift in what is possible for humanity, focusing on the environment, employment, entrepreneurship, health and education.
We design and deliver programs and workshops for people who are engaged in initiatives that make a real difference. We develop and coach people so that they design projects in ways that go beyond band-aid, fix-it solutions. This simultaneously sources power to individuals to address systems that perpetuate chronic issues (hunger, war, healthcare, education, discrimination, etc.).
  1. Shift current philanthropic practices from charity to universal partnership and conscious reciprocity.
  2. Empower people to shift their language from fear and resignation to possibility and compassion. By proactively supporting a new archetype of leader, a new ICON, we encourage people to work out of wisdom, compassion and empathy rather than simply "doing good".
  3. Manifest the quadruple bottom line (people + planet + profit + sourcing people's wisdom) culture in the business world.
  4. Create conversations in the media, in writing and image that forward the shift from fear, survival and scarcity to possibility, partnership and peace.
Engagement of board members, volunteers, donors and stakeholders is an issue that every non-profit and community organization faces.  We have found three tools helpful in the engagement process.
One of the most useful ways to engage people we have found through UNITED GLOBAL SHIFT is to connect with what we call their creation source.  This is the heart of why someone is involved at whatever level they are in the first place.  It might be their vision of community, contribution or peace that has them involved, but whatever it is, having that be real and alive in the conversation and communications is a powerful place from which to have people engage.  Simple questions like, “What do you burn for?” and “What inspires you about this project?” can be entry points to having that creation source be real in the interaction.  
Another tool we have used is to make sure all stakeholders are involved as segregated conversations with various groups.  Having people from every aspect of the project at the table can help create an aligned vision that is co-created instead of a top down disseminated vision.  This has allowed for people’s engagement to have a sense of ownership that is missing in many cases where they have not been represented in the vision or goal making process.  
Allowing people to shine and contribute from a place of strength is also a wonderful way to promote engagement.  Asking people what their strengths are and how they want to contribute allows them to enter the engagement space in a powerful way where they start from a place of being a real contribution rather than simply helping out.
We actually call this mode of giving conscious reciprocity versus a model of charity, "help" or even a philanthropy model.  We have found this to be a remarkable distinction for engagement.  Conscious reciprocity is a mutual exchange of anything (ideas, goods, services, etc.) where each party is empowered and contributed to out of participating in that exchange. This is the context we use for all engagement whether it is financial, volunteer, board, management or constituent based.  All in all, our goal is to have people engage from a place where they are they are nourished, acknowledged and empowered through the process of contribution.


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